Some of the issues that we reported on previously are getting addressed with a rather minor Hearthstone hotfix patch. Besides that, we can expect the usual round of Battlegrounds adjustments - as it seems to be the case with pretty much every small patch we've seen since the introduction of the Quest System

Quote From Blizzard
Heads up! A hotfix patch is launching today that will address several Battlegrounds balance updates and bug fixes.

A server-side hotfix patch, so no downloads will be necessary. But there will also be no way to know for certain when it's actually live in your region. Many of such lightweight changes are not exactly easy to outright confirm within the game. 

Hearthstone Hotfix Patch 24.6.1

No more deadly minions and cosmetics crashing everyone's games. Or so we can hope. And yes, there is this mention of Battlegrounds Buddies again, as connected to the one secret Quest Reward we talked about before. 

Quote From Blizzard

Hello everyone,

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

Battlegrounds Balance Changes:

  • Tavish Stormpike and Fungalmancer Flurgl now have less Armor (moved to Armor Tier 2).
  • The following Quest Rewards are now harder to earn: The Smoking Gun, Victim’s Specter

The Smoking GunVictim's Specter

  • The following Quest Rewards are now easier to earn: Hidden Treasure Vault, Ethereal Evidence, Blood Goblet

  • Karl is no longer the Jailer’s buddy.
  • Kidnap Sack banned from Shudderwock.
  • Atramedes has returned to the minion pool.

Atramedes Card Image Kidnap Sack

Quote From Blizzard
Bug Fixes and Game Improvements:

  • [Standard] Fixed an issue where Sinfueled Golem was getting extra stats if infused while in deck.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed an issue where Patient Scout could discover itself during recruit phase.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed an issue where Faceless Disciple was causing crashes. This Minion has been reenabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Battlegrounds Strike Reaper’s Toll that would cause the game to crash when doing lethal damage to an opponent.

Sinfueled Golem Card Image