Hello everybody and welcome back to another Fan Community Spotlight. Death Knight is coming to Hearthstone and it's bringing back something with it, that being the Reborn keyword. Reborn was originally a keyword exclusive to Saviors of Uldum and a couple cards in Galakrond's Awakening, but the addition of March of the Lich King is adding it as an evergreen keyword.

So what better time to cover the project than the one I'm covering in this installment. Today we're looking at Halls of Origin, which is a custom mini-set to go alongside Saviors of Uldum. At this point, I've done custom mini-sets for Whispers of the Old Gods, The Boomsday Project, and Rise of Shadows. Perhaps I'll end up covering custom mini-sets for every expansion without them at some point. We're one step closer.

This project was made by Neoguli, who is the most recurring guest to be featured in these articles. In fact, this article marks the 10th time that Neoguli has been featured on the series. That must be quite exciting!

It is worth noting that even though this is a mini-set to be with Saviors of Uldum, the set would be released at the very least at some point after Forged in the Barrens due to the existence of spell school synergy cards. Maybe it'd be released now to coincide with Reborn being added to the evergreen pool? Let's get onto the project.

What inspired you to create a mini-set of Saviors of Uldum

Neoguli: "I think it was me looking at other mini-sets courtesy of other creators, and since I hadn;t done any significant custom card work for quite a long time, I thought I could create my own mini-set. It’s also the mini-set to ‘Saviors of Uldum’."

How did you want to design the mini-set in relation to the base set? What cards do you think best signify what the mini-set is about?

Neoguli: "I wanted to explore some possible design space with mechanics introduced in the main set, as well as create cards that would bring up the power level of archetypes promoted in SoU to modern Wild Standards, with hopes that I succeeded.

The main bunch of highlight cards for the mini-set theme is the four legendaries, as they are the four titan watchers of the Halls of Origination dungeon in WoW, and they are subsequently in the Tombs of Terror mode. They all have Reborn, and two of them are of 5-Cost to create a mirror mirage of mana Costs for the titans."

Are there any other cards you wish to highlight for any particular reason?

Neoguli: "Hand of Defiance - it’s a straight copypaste of Flash Reincarnation from Duelyst. But also Gatling Wand deserves some attention, because it was pretty hard to get the card effect right and fit in the 4-line box."

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

Neoguli: "Nothing really, aside from maybe attempting to garner more people to my music tracks, but that is out of the CCG space."

Do you have anything else you wish to share?


That will conclude this shorter installment of Fan Community Spotlight. The set may be small, but it's still just as interesting to check out as any full-size expansion. Reborn coming back is also pretty exciting. Let us know what you think, and be sure to check out the full mini-set by clicking the banner below.