Good news! We are not going to have to spend the whole weekend Arena-less, after all. Hearthstone team was doing their best to fix the ongoing issues with Discover and random generation effects, and after over a day of staring at the forcefully closed doors, a fortunate resolution has now been reached.

There's also a little something extra thrown into the pot: an added Tavern Ticket compensation for any of the affected players, plus some cards actually coming up for the Demon Hunter class (as it has been the odd man out in the current iteration of Dual-Class Arena, up until now). 

Quote From Blizzard

11/11 Hotfix [Updated]:
We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix patch that will fix the Arena discover bug and re-open the Arena! All runs will resume where they were prior to the Arena closing. Players who played any Arena matches in the short period when the bug was live have been compensated with a free Arena ticket. This patch also includes two additional updates:

  1. [Arena] The Demon Hunter Legacy Set has been added to the Arena pool.
  2. [Battlegrounds] Khadgar will no longer summon copies of Evil Twins.

Server-side hotfix means no downloads taking place, but it might take a little while before it arrives everywhere. 

Quote From DeckTech
Server hotfixes roll out server by server, so it may take a bit to get to everyone. You'll know if it hit your server by whether you can get into Arena.

Quote From DeckTech
Update: the compensation for affected players came through quicker than expected. There’s no pop-up, but if you played games during the short bug window, your arena ticket count has gone up by one.

Previous Arena Issues


Breaking News: Soon after composing this piece we've been given a warning by Matt London, Modes Design Lead. Turns out the proper Hallow's End celebration will have to wait a while longer. No Arena for the time being! Hearthstone's Known Issues thread has also been updated accordingly.

Quote From Matt London
Hey folks – there is a big problem with Discover and random generation in Arena right now. I would encourage you not to play Arena mode until we have a fix. Really sorry about this.

DeckTech and I will update as we get more info.

#Update 2: No Arena until further notice.

Quote From Matt London
Arena is disabled. We're continuing to work on this.

We'll keep you posted as the situation develops.

Third time is the charm for a proper Hallow's End Arena restart? 

Hearthstone Hotfix Patch 24.6.2

We've reported on the Dual-Class Arena issues before, and how the whole Hallow's End celebration wasn't off to a particularly good start. The necessary fix took a while to arrive, but now the whole thing should be ready to begin anew, while finally working as intended. If you've been holding off on playing more, it might be time to jump back in! 

This update is part of Hearthstone Hotfix Patch 24.6.2, which you should be able to download straight from your in-game clients, both for desktop and mobile! 

Quote From Blizzard

Patch 24.6.2 is a data-only patch (no app-store update required) launching today with the following updates:

Arena Updates

  • Fixed a bug where the Basic set was missing from the draft pool.
  • Increased the appearance rate of class cards globally.
    • Dev Comment: We will be carefully monitoring class balance as class cards become a more defining aspect of Arena draft and will make adjustments in the future if needed.

Current Arena Rotation

Probably a good time to remind everyone where we're at, seeing as this only became true from this point onward: 

Quote From Blizzard

Dual Class Arena will last until March of the Lich King launches on December 6. The eligible card sets during this period will be:

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Curse of Naxxramas
  • Goblins vs Gnomes
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • The Grand Tournament
  • League of Explorers

Note that this throwback event uses the Basic and Classic sets, not the more modern Core Set.

We've been missing all these Basic cards until this particular hotfix patch, and it's been a very strange experience to say the least.

Flamestrike Card Image Consecration Card Image Fireball Card Image Dread Infernal Card Image

Also with Neutral cards no longer being as prevalent and class cards being able to finally move to the forefront, there should be more of the actual Dual-Class action taking place. We'll have to wait for more data and player reports to see what might end up reigning supreme. 

Have you been playing Dual-Class Arena meanwhile, or holding off until appropriate fixes? Any good class combos to share with the rest of the class?