Do you think you have an encyclopedic knowledge of every Hearthstone card and you want to prove it? HearthCards just launched a new feature on their site where you will be able to do just that.

I don't think we're in HearthCards anymore.

If HearthCards looks a little bit different now than it did back then, that's because the site was overhauled back in September of this year which included a new UI and new features, but the old version of the site is still accessible.

But I'm getting off-topic here. You may notice the new "Game" button at the bottom that was not originally there. You can probably guess what that does, right?

The Nameless One is truly in shambles right now.

After you click on the game button, the site will change quite a bit and the game will begin. The site will give you a random card from the real game imported onto the creator canvas with one random attribute blanked out, and it's your job to fill that field in correctly.

Guess the Weight is a more popular game than Guess the Cost.

The game may ask you to fill one in of many different attributes of the card from the name, its class, its Cost, its Attack or Health, its rarity, or its watermark. The one will you be tasked to fill in will have a green highlight around it. Minion types and spell schools don't appear to be in the pool though, presumably because of how not every card has either of them and it would be unintuitive to leave the answer blank if the card had no minion type or spell school.

Click on "Check" to confirm your answer and move to the next card. Whenever you guess correctly, you will hear a "ding" sound effect. If you guess incorrectly though, you will instead hear a buzzer and lose a life.

Use the Life and Round counters to keep track of the number of lives you have and how far you've made it. You can also click the "Back" button at any time to abandon the game.

After you guess 10 cards, you'll now be asked to fill in two different attributes of each card and you must get both of them right for the answer to count as correct. After 20 cards, you'll be asked to fill in three. This (presumably) keeps going for as long as you can keep correctly guessing everything.

So, do you think you know everything about every Hearthstone card and want to set out there and show the world (or at least whatever Hearthstone communities you're a part of) that you can? Time to head on over to HearthCards and show them all who's the boss.