Blizzard has just shared a new blog post, detailing everything that's heading to the Hearthstone tavern with the annual Winter Veil celebration. And for this year, Greatfather Lich King has decided to be extra generous! Everyone logging in between now and January 31 can expect to receive 10 (!) packs on the house! Yes, all 10 at once. For free. No quest chains that have to be completed, not limited to one per day or anything of the like. The package will be waiting there to be collected with but a few clicks (that's 2 packs from each current Standard expansion, excluding the just launched March of the Lich King). Now that's certainly one way to celebrate the holiday spirit. 

On top of that, brand new players (or accounts) will be in for another extra treat of 50 packs (10 from each of the previous Standard expansions) to start their journeys. There might not be a better time to give the game a chance than this or next month, if you've got any friends left to convince. 

Beyond that, there's a lot more to come or already present in the game:

  • New Battle Bash and other shop deals - the first bash is once again free.
  • Winter Veil Special Event will run from December 21 to January 5 - even more packs and skins!
  • Two thematic Tavern Brawls: Wacky Waxy Winter’s Veil (Dec 21) and Gift Exchange (Dec 28). 
  • Special Shop Deals: Battlegrounds & Mercenaries - more discounts in our Hearthstone? Find out on December 20. 

Disclaimer: If you're not seeing the free packs anywhere in your in-game shop currently, fret not - you are not alone. Somebody over at Team 5 must've forgotten to flip the switch, and it's being looked into. They should appear soon (tm). Yes, yes, meanwhile we can still make fun of Blizzard, for they've remembered to add in all the shiny paid offers immediately, just not the free stuff everyone will be after. Clearly it's to prevent us from getting even more free dust

Quote From Celestalon
Give it a sec, I believe it's rolling out to some individual regional shops over the hour. Should be very soon!

2022 Hearthstone Winter Veil Celebration

Read on for more details, and happy early holidays: 

Quote From Blizzard

Have a happy Hearthstone holiday with Winter Veil celebrations, including in-game activities and special holiday offerings, starting soon!

Free Holiday Gift!

Get into the holiday spirit with a gift of 10 packs (2 packs from each of Forged in the Barrens, United in Stormwind, Fractured in Alterac Valley, Voyage to the Sunken City, and Murder at Castle Nathria), free for all players who login between now and January 31!* Spread the holiday cheer to your friends and let them know that new players will receive an additional 50 packs (10 packs from each of the last five Standard expansions) if they create new accounts and login before January 31!**

*Offer must be claimed from the in-game shop. Offer is valid between December 13, 2022 and January 31, 2023. New players must have completed the in-game Hearthstone tutorial prior to January 31, 2023 in order to receive the offer. Offer can only be redeemed once per account.

** Offer must be claimed from the in-game shop. Offer is only available to new accounts created between December 13, 2022 and January 31, 2023 that have also completed the in-game Hearthstone tutorial prior to January 31, 2023. Offer can only be redeemed once per account.

Winter Veil Event (December 21)

From December 21 to January 5, celebrate Winter Veil with a special event using the new Event System! The Scourge has conscripted the inventors of Ironforge to make munitions for Greatfather Lich King. Drive them out to save Ironforge, and let them get back to making Winter Veil toys for all the good girls and boys! It’s up to you to complete daily event quests to earn Event XP and progress on the special event reward track. Complete the event reward track to purge the evil and earn two Standard Packs, a March of the Lich King Pack, and the Tinker Town Toki and Ini Snowmaster Battlegrounds skins!


Tavern Brawl—Wacky Waxy Winter’s Veil (December 21)

Greatfather Kobold got a bit carried away while wrapping presents and accidentally bundled up all Hearthstone’s greatest minions! Unwrap them to claim victory and a Standard Pack.


Tavern Brawl—Gift Exchange (December 28)

Greatfather Winter is back with a seasonal favorite! Lookout as crates fall from the sky. Get a gift each time you crack one open (on either side of the board). Completing this Tavern Brawl will award you a Standard Pack.


New Battle Bash—Winter Veil Collection (December 13)

A new Battle Bash is here for Winter Veil! This limited-time curated collection* of Battlegrounds cosmetics includes ten Winter Veil themed items (purchasable for money or 1000 Runestones): a Legendary Strike, an Epic Board, five Epic Hero Skins, a Rare Bartender, and two packs of three Rare Emotes. Purchasing the Battle Bash will immediately unlock 2 Hammers you can use to bash for random prizes in the collection. Each Top 4 finish during the Battle Bash period unlocks another Hammer.

New Battle Bash—Winter Veil Collection gif

As a special Winter Veil gift, Bob is giving all players one free Bash. That means that everyone has a random chance to get their favorite prize for free! It also means that players purchasing the Battle Bash will only need seven Top 4 finishes during the Battle Bash period to unlock all the prizes.

Each Battle Bash collection will only be available as a whole collection for a limited time. However, individual items within the collection may become available at a later time. For more details, see the full disclosures site.


Special Shop Deals (December 20)

Get special holiday deals on select Winter Veil themed items in the Mercenaries and Battlegrounds in-game Shops, with a special Winter Veil Mercenaries bundle and deals on Battlegrounds skins, emotes, and the returning Murloc Hideaway Legendary Board!


Enjoy and have a happy holiday season!


Do you like what we are getting for Winter Veil this year? What are your personal wishes for Greatfather Lich King?