We're already in the latter half of January. It may not feel this way, but we're already more than 1/20th into the year. That type of thinking really messes with your vision of time, does it not? It's around this time that the announcement of the mini-set for March of the Lich King is imminent. That must feel pretty exciting.

Conversation this week is taking a look at how our projects are never quite finished even if they seem like they are.

Twice the Tribe, Double the Fall

Quite fitting for the theme of the competition, our first one of the season is a tie! That's certainly a way to start a season with a material prize at hand. Congratulations to Nobudy for their Exotic Pet Dealer and Wailor for their Blackgill Cultist.

Both of them will be in charge of the theme for next week, so be sure to stick around for whatever that theme may be.

Bone-Chilling Add-On

Our last Fan Community Spotlight took us back to an expansion we covered previously in the past, TheFriendlyEnemy's "The Arcane Arcade" which has historically gone on to become one of the most iconic custom expansions ever. It had its first remastered back in June of 2022, but in that time was a pretty significant addition to Hearthstone and one that absolutely justified the effort of going back.

On that Fan Community Spotlight, we talked about the Death Knight cards for The Arcane Arcade.

Death Knight's theme in this expansion takes a look at the Roguelike genre and expands the class mechanically with resurrection effects and upgrading minions. It's only 13 cards total, but that 13 cards manage to add a lot.

The Arcane Arcade may have been released to the public in remastered form before Death Knight, but was the expansion ever truly "completed" when that happened? At what point do you consider a project to be "finished"? Is Hearthstone "finished" when it releases its final expansion, or did it just reach a stopping point? These are questions you may ponder on and on about as time goes on. Just like human life itself, the state of the game, its community, and the projects that come with it progress in one direction or another. They may reach a point where they take a rest, but eventually, it always gets back on its feet.

The addition of Death Knight cards to a set where they didn't exist before is an effective way to breath some new life into your project. Maybe you're inspired to go back to one of your in-progress sets and see how Death Knight can shape its way around the already-existing set.

Voices of the People

Now that the ball has been rolling and steadily gaining momentum, I'd like to know how everyone thinks about these competitions. Putting ourselves in charge of them was a bit intimidating at first, but I think Link and I have really got the hang of it down now.

But just like what I was talking about before, our progression on the state of how these competitions are run is never quite over. Not until it at least reaches its end, or rather, it's stopping point. As this is the first season in quite a long time with any significant changes, and there are quite a lot of them this time around, it's understandable that people would want to talk about what they think of the competitions in this state. That's why I have left a feedback thread for season 6, and I will keep reminding people about it every few Conversations. The huge changes is also why I opted to make a new thread rather than recycle the old one.

If you have something to say about the way the changes have affected these competitions and what else could be done, then feel entirely free to leave a comment either here or in that feedback thread. We may not reply to each and every post, but we do read all of them and the last one was integral to our pre-season 6 talks.

The Key Is In The Word

Wording is key in this competition - the banner below will take you to our current competition where all the cards are only keywords and no other text.