Don't disenchant your copies - you won't get bonus dust.

Absent in today's patch notes was a note on the nerf of Magister's Apprentice. It isn't unusual to see things in the client that were missed in the patch notes, but this time around this wasn't a missed detail but rather a bug!

DeckTech confirmed on Twitter today that the nerf is "one of the sillier bugs" and that the team would be looking into it.

Quote From DeckTech

One of the sillier bugs we've had in a bit, the team's looking into it.

Datamined Changes to Magister's Apprentice

In the game client, which is all we can comment on, there are a few changes that happened to this card.

  • The ATK value changed to 2 (was 3).
  • The HEALTH value changed to 3 (was 2).
  • The BATTLECRY tag was added and set to True, which is unusual since the text isn't on it.
  • The AURA tag was removed.

We can confirm through experimentation that this has not functionally changed the card, it still works as an aura effect due to server-side logic. However, when you mouseover this card during a game, you'll see the Battlecry tooltip since this is generated client-side based on client data.

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