Hello everyone and welcome to another Fan Community Spotlight. We have a pretty big one for this installment because we're looking at a really huge custom set consisting of a base set, and not one, but two add-ons. This set in question is a set made by Chr2, appearing for the second time in the series.

It's a set that returns to Rastakhan's Rumble with the base set called Return To Da Rumble which consists of 81 cards and brings back Overkill, as well as both of its add-ons, Legion Invasion: Stranglethorn consisting of 55 cards and brings back Honorable Kill and Tradebale as mechanics, Blood Feud consisting of 46 cards and brings back Colossal and Infuse. In all in, that makes a total of 182 cards.

Now let's take the microphone over to Chr2 to find out how this gigantic set came to be how it is.

This is a HUGE expansion with two add-ons. What inspired you to design a set that big and how did you overcome any challenges that it presented you with?

Chr2: "I've always had a great appreciation for anything troll related in Warcraft, so an expansion based on Rastakhan's Rumble is something that I had wanted to do for a while.

Despite being separated into 3 different releases, my expansion actually contains no more cards than a regular Hearthstone expansion and mini-set. The reason Return to da Rumble is separated into 3 parts is because early on in development I realized the story I wanted to tell couldn't fit in 2, so I reduced the size of the main set to make room for an additional part.

My main challenge with this set was that most of it takes place in a single location (Gurubashi Arena) so finding appropriate artwork was difficult, and I had to spend many hours editing art to make them fit my needs. An example of this is False Advertisement and its tokens where I had a very clear image in my head of what I wanted them to look like, but found no appropraite art, so I had to cobble some together from different artworks I found."

What part of the set was the most fun to design?

Chr2: "Maybe it's because most of it was from the most reason add-on so I just remember them more clearly, but the cards I had most fun designing were the Blood Death Knight cards centered around G'huun, Loa of Blood. Generally, all the Colossal cards from Blood Feud were a blast to create.

Other than that, figuring out the new teams for each class and their Loas was really fun too, especially my twist in the main set where Demon Hunter gets the wrong Hakkar!"

Are there any other cards you wish to showcase for any reason?

Chr2: "My expansion introduces a new type of card that changes depending on your class called Team Cards. There was a total of 5 team cards, each with 11 tokens. It was tricky getting the balancing right on these and I got a lot of help from people on Reddit and Discord, but I think the idea is pretty novel and also helped me essentially print additional class cards in sets that didn't have that many."

I also wanna showcase some of the Demon Hunter main package: Disappointed/Impressed cards. I mentioned False Advertisement and Hakkar, the Misidentified earlier, but the reason I'm mentioning this package now is because I think it has the best flavor of the entire expansion."

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

Chr2: "Like I mentioned earlier I made a lot of art edits for the cards of this expansion, but I also edited some artworks together to create promo images for all parts. I wanna emphasize that all the art I made are only edits; I've created nothing from scratch. If you're interested in the real artists behind them I've tried to compile as many credits I could find and posted them in the comments section of each part."

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

Chr2: "Unlike the last expansion I made, this time I released teasers before the release of each part in order to get feedback on the cards. Many cards changed because of this, including an overhaul of the entire Demon Hunter package, so in many ways this project was a team effort, and I very much appreciate everyone who provided feedback along the way."

That will do it for the interview, but there's a LOT more to unpack with this expansion and two mini-sets. The banners below will take you to where you can view the entire main set and both add-ons. I'll be sure to see you in the next one.