Hearthstone's Modes Design Lead, Matt London, has confirmed that Blizzard has begun to look at the wild format. 

If you've been seeing the wild conversation over the past few years, players have overall been quite unsatisfied with the format - even some of our own staff have stopped caring about wild too. With that knowledge, yesterday, the Hearthstone team kicked off an internal "wild summit" to talk about their plans for the mode so they can bring players the best experience possible.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, with Matt stating it is unlikely we would see adjustments this week, but that they will share more information when they have it.

Quote From Matt London

Hi All! Recently we've seen a lot of passionate conversation regarding the Hearthstone Wild format. Thank you for that. Today, we kicked off a "Wild Summit," a big internal discussion about the state of the format and how we can bring you the best possible experience.

Wild has a lot of moving parts. It's unlikely adjustments will happen this week, but we're committed to building a great plan for Wild and sharing more info once we do. Thanks!

Two Cents

Leave wild the way it is. Wild was always meant to be a "wild" format where anything was possible with all the old cards. Hearthstone needs a fresh ladder with a rotating pool of cards. Either use them by sets or just have a card list that is allowed there that is periodically changed. It leaves the wild part of wild for people that enjoy that and it gives everyone else something new to try and if Blizzard rotates the cards enough, it will always have a varied meta.

Bonus points if Bobby Kotick can buy a few more yachts because everyone is buying wild/new format packs.

Also, Wild has "been on the radar" for years. What is going to change this time around to actually bring forth any meaningful changes?