Now that we have all the cards for the new expansion revealed to us, how does everyone think of the new expansion? I realize that Warrior got shafted pretty hard (or so we think, I'll hold you to that when Warrior becomes Tier 1 after the expansion launches), but the rest of the set seems pretty cool, don't you think?

From a creator perspective, I think my favorite cards in a set are the ones that break the standard design rules to make new card designs. In that area, I really like Bunch of Bananas and Barrel of Monkeys for Hunter, and then also Fight Over Me for Priest.

Conversation this week mostly takes a look at our fellow white card friends, the Priest class.

King Midas

We start by celebrating our winner of the previous WCDC. This time, it's Wailor with their Transmute.

They will be in charge of next week's theme, so be sure to stick around to see what that is.

New Identities

One of the most notable things about the new Core set is the addition of Overheal to Priest and the return of a few cards. Crimson Clergy and Holy Champion returned in the new Core set... only it's not exactly the same as they were before.

Crimson Clergy Card ImageCard ID Not FoundHoly Champion Card ImageCard ID Not Found

Old Crimson Clergy -> New Crimson Clergy, Old Holy Champion -> New Holy Champion

Crimson Clergy was changed rather drastically to draw cards instead of gain Attack, and it'll only trigger on itself being healed instead of anything. While this was obviously done so that Priest would have its own reworked version of Northshire Cleric for the Core set, it has to be wondered why Team 5 would drastically change a card with its own defined personality instead of just simply making an entirely new card, which is something they've shown that they are willing to do for Core sets.

Poor Holy Champion was hit even worse with her effect being downgraded to only gain +2 Attack when itself is Overhealed as opposed to when any character is healed. Where at least Crimson Clergy remained a 1 mana 1/3, Holy Champion had her stats mangled with so much that she doesn't keep any part of her original card anymore other than her name and artwork. Just like with Crimson Clergy, one can only ponder on why the card was changed to the point where it's no longer the same card as opposed to just making a whole new card.

Remember when Stonetusk Boar was announced to be changed to a 2/1 Rush? Feedback from the players eventually caused Blizzard to keep Stonetusk Boar in Wild and instead make a new card, Emerald Skytalon to replace it in Standard. Incidentally, with the addition of dual-tribes a few months ago, this left other implications of making Skytalon a new card since it's also an Elemental. It was the iconic outlook and combo potential of Stonetusk Boar that left people clamoring for the card to remain untouched. Unfortunately for the two Priest cards above, I don't think they have the same perception to most players that they will absolutely demand new cards instead of a rework.

Health Freak

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