Get ready to rock! Festival of Legends is about to kick-off a concert series (meta) that will last the next 4 months and with it some great jams. New cards, a set rotation, and a big update to signature cards makes them shimmer. Here is everything you need to know for today.

When Does Festival of Legends City Launch?

Festival of Legends arrives at 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern, 19:00 CEST) on April 11, 2023. Refer to the countdown below - make sure your computer's clock is correct.

5 Hours 15 Mins 27 Secs

Festival of Legends Fast Facts

  • 145 New Cards have been added to the game.
  • New Keyword: Finale
    • Get a bonus if you spend the rest of your mana when you play this card.
  • Each class has a different musical theme, with a Legendary Spell that represents a song and a Legendary Minion that represents their musician.
  • Each class has also received an instrument - a weapon!

Year of the Wolf Fast Facts

Festival of Legends Freebies

Festival of Legends Rewards Track / Tavern Pass

A fresh batch of achievements with XP and a new rewards track have been added to the game. There is plenty of stuff to obtain on both the paid and free halves of the rewards track so go grind those games!

Festival of Legends New Coins

It is tradition that new coin cards enter the fray on a new expansion launch and Festival of Legends is no different. 

  • Hearthstone Vinyl Coin
    • Even coins are better on vinyl. Earnable after purchasing the Festival of Legends Tavern Pass.
  • ETC Rock Coin
    • A bottle of water costs HOW MUCH!? Obtained by owning 145 <i>Festival of Legends</i> cards.

The second coin is going to be easier to obtain once the mini-set drops in a couple of months with the larger overall Festival of Legends card pool, so don't sweat it if you can't get 100% completion.

Festival of Legends Day 1 Theorycraft Budget Decks

Our own Sule has put together a list of eleven budget decks you may want to give a shot if you're playing Hearthstone on a budget or you just want something easy you can dive into and upgrade.

Festival of Legends Day 1 Community Theorycraft Wild Decks

It wouldn't be an expansion launch without Frosty taking care of the wild side of the community in our roundup that features some great community lists.

You can look forward to some more dedicated wild content concerning new decks in the coming days from Swizard.

Festival of Legends Community Compendium

I voted, you voted, we all voted; And then the math gods did some calculations and the scores are in! Our Festival of Legends Community Compendium is now live and showcases the best and worst cards before we got a chance to play with them. How well will we do? We'll have to check back in a few weeks!

Good luck with your pack openings, first games, and may progress come to you easy for your achievements. Rock on!