Hearthstone is coming to Steam! That is not at all officially confirmed by Blizzard's messaging, but we feel it's safe enough to say that if they went through the development time to detect Steam, it's going to happen. So far, Overwatch and Diablo IV are both available on Steam. The catch-up packs introducing with Showdown in the Badlands make a lot more sense now if Blizzard is expecting a surge of new players trying out Hearthstone as it'll make the Standard format much more accessible.

Let's see what's in the client, but first, our usual disclaimer that datamined information is subject to change and until Blizzard officially announces anything, this isn't official.

A New String Appears

Hearthstone's various files include easily readable strings for the game which contains the most obvious hint that Hearthstone is destined for Valve's Steam platform.

Quote From Out of Games


We could not link your Steam account to BattleNet account. Restart Steam client and try again.

It Gets Deeper

Looking into the code that makes Hearthstone run, Blizzard has added several new references to Steam.

  • The region switcher has had code added to check if its Steam.
  • Your achievements will sync to Steam's achievement service.
  • A check to see if the Battle.net Client is used is disabled on Steam.
  • A button has been added for account switching, the same one used on mobile, when Steam is detected.
  • A mapping has been added to check against Steam's language codes which differ from Blizzards.
  • There is specific store code to check prices for Steam's platform.
  • Steam purchases will timeout after they fail to go through for 180 seconds.
public void RequestSteamUserInfo()

public SteamPurchaseResponse GetSteamPurchaseResponse()
return m_connectApi.GetSteamPurcahseResponse();

Look at that, typos in the code!

The Steam Account Linking UI

A new graphic has been added that will be used to link your Hearthstone account to Steam.

Would you play Hearthstone on Steam?