In the latest patch notes for Hearthstone, we learned that the newest mode, Twist, was going to be disabled during the months of December and January while Blizzard tinkered behind the scenes. Now, in a post on the Hearthstone forums, Community Manager GnomeSayin has informed everyone that Twist will only be closed for one month; the Wonders + Un'Goro format will continue to the end of the year! You can read the full post below:

Quote From Blizzard

In the 28.0 Patch Notes, we announced that Twist would be going on hiatus for the December and January seasons, to return for the February season. We’ve seen your disappointment with that announcement, so we’ve decided to update our plans.

We’re pleased to see that Twist has some very passionate fans, and that players are enjoying the current November season (Wonders + Un’Goro). Instead of disabling Twist for December, we’re going to keep the current format going for one more season. Twist will still be taking a break for the January season and returning with a different format in February.

Why have a break at all? We want Twist to be a sandbox-like mode that lets us experiment with new ideas and makes you think about your collection in new ways. It was always intended to be a seasonal mode that would deactivate from time to time, kind of like a giant Tavern Brawl. That break gives us time to learn from prior Twist seasons and prepare for upcoming ones—and we hope it will make Twist more exciting when it returns. We understand now that the announce language was not clear enough in conveying how long those breaks could be. Going forward, we’ll do a better job of sharing our plans for upcoming breaks. For now, we hope that you continue to enjoy the Return to Un’Goro format, and we look forward to sharing the February season with you.

What do you think of the news? Will you continue to play Twist through December? What do you think Twist will look like come February? Let us know in the comments below!