New month, new season, new decks! These are some of the top performing decks for February. Winrate data for these decks has been provided by

Sludge Warlock - 55% Winrate

Plague Death Knight - 53% Winrate

Mining Paladin - 52% Winrate

Dragon Druid - 51% Winrate

Totem Shaman - 51% Winrate

Control Warrior - 50% Winrate

Aggro Demon Hunter - 49% Winrate

Arcane Hunter - 51% Winrate

Secret Mage - 51% Winrate

Mech Rogue - 49% Winrate

Are you going to use any of these decks? tell us in the comments below and if you have a deck that's doing pretty well why don't you share it with us.