Steam Next Fest: Lost in Play Preview

Steam Next Fest started a few days ago, and, like previous iterations, it brings with it a massive number of demos for people to try out. We here at Out of Games decided to take a look at a few of them, to give out readers a small taste of what’s available.

For our first game, let’s take a look at Lost in Play, a very cute point & click adventure from Happy Juice Games, published by Joystick Ventures, coming out later this year. The game follows a brother and sister as they make their way through a world full of magic, whimsy and frogs. Let’s take a look!


The game starts off with you controlling the sister, making your way through a wheat field, encountering all manner of oddities and credits, until you arrive at a small tea party with a duck pilot, a frog king, and a gnome with a chicken… hat? After you pour and drink the tea, things start floating around, revealing… that you were asleep the whole time.

You guys bring the party, I’ll get the tea.

Since the story is such an important factor for point & click games, we won’t share any more here. The demo is available on Steam, and takes about an hour to complete. There are 4 chapters to complete, with the last one really leaning into the fantasy side of things. Whether the game’s plot is ‘real’ or simply imagined by the siblings, the demo leaves ambiguous.

Me, my sister, and a random frog.

Gameplay & Controls

If you’ve ever played a point & click game, you know what to expect. Click on stuff to see what happens. Get items added to your inventory. Use those items to make the earlier clicks do useful stuff. That kind of stuff.

Aside from clicking on things, there’s also a few mini-games that mix things up a bit. The demo contains 4 such minigames that stood out:

  • One where you must rotate two overlapping disks to make a sun.
  • One where you repair a clock and must move blocks one by one to align the gears
  • One where you control a dog and must move sheep on a grid in the right spots.
  • A surprisingly difficult game of checkers.

The game can be played using either a controller, the mouse or the keyboard. Yes, the keyboard and the mouse are separate control schemes, though only the latter makes this a point & click. The game recommends using a controller, though all 3 methods are adequate.

Visuals & Audio

Presentation is paramount for a point & click adventure game, and Lost in Play delivers in spades!

The game goes for a cartoony art-style, reminiscent of Disney’s late 00s-early 10s Saturday morning shows, like Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. The comparison with the latter is very apt, as the game follows a set of siblings going on a wacky and magical adventure.

The game has voice acting, but the characters don’t speak English or any concrete language as far as we can tell. The voices are simply there to add to the experience, with any relevant information being given in thought balloons.

Give me these items 3, and the clock will go reeeee.

The animation itself is very fluid and all the characters are very expressive. You can tell the mood a character is in just by looking at them, and those expressions never feel stiff or out of place.

The music in the game is great! It’s usually fairly upbeat and happy-go-lucky, except in the last chapter. There it’s a little creepier, fitting for the environment you find yourself in. And the main menu theme is an absolute bop!

Lost in Play is slated for release on the 10th of August this year. You can wishlist the game on Steam, join the community on Discord, and follow the devs on Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think of Lost in Play? Are you excited for the full release? Let us know in the comments below!

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