The announcement of an announcement has arrived! Blizzard will be making an announcement on the next Hearthstone expansion at the usual blog time, 10 AM PT.

In an image posted to Twitter, we're getting a boarding pass to Patch 30.0, a wheel of cheese, and a peek at a brand new card pack. It's also possible the expansion icon is also present on the passport.

It looks like the expansion might be internally called PIP, for what that means at this time we're not certain. It should be noted that "SMR" was seen in a voice actor's leak that we covered a couple of days ago so it's possible that could be for this year's third expansion and not the upcoming one. Here's the alt text from the Twitter image.

Quote From PlayHearthstone

An image of a passport, adorned with a symbol of a golden griffon, among a suitcase of luggage including a green hat and a wheel of cheese. In between the pages of the passport, we can see a Hearthstone card pack and the edge of a boarding pass. On the boarding pass, the destination airport is listed as "PIP" and the seat assignment is "30.0."