Many players will agree that Demons are pretty hot right now in Hearthstone's Battlegrounds and it looks like something may be changing in the future to fix that.

Chris Sierra, a Community Manager on the Hearthstone team, has stated on reddit that there are "things" coming that should address those concerns. While we don't have an exact answer, here's what could happen:

  • The removal or nerf of a core Demon card from the rotation.
  • The addition of new cards for other tribes.
  • New heroes that help push certain tribes forward.
  • DRAGONS. Seriously though, where are the Dragons at that we were promised? <3

It's also interesting that Chris has asked in response to one redditor if they felt Amalgam should make a return. Would you like to see the return of Nightmare Amalgam?

Quote From Chris Sierra

Are there any plans to look over Demons in Battlegrounds? Currently they feel a bit too strong. Cheers

We've got some things in the pipe that will address your concerns

We got you fam <3

I love battlegrounds but I feel like the only way to win now since they removed nightmare amalgam is to play demons or play Tirion and play minions without an archetype.

I'm curious: do you miss Amalgam or do you wish Amalgam would return? (Source)