We're back with a brand new system! Weekly Card Design Competitions (or WCDC) will now be running each week. The system in place is a little bit different, and we're looking to improve it over time; feedback and bug reports are expected and encouraged.

Our first competition is called "How To Train Year Dragon". For information on the requirements of the theme, you can check out the special page for it in the brand new Fan Creations portal. Alternatively, you can head directly there by clicking the banner below.

The New System

Speaking of our brand new system, I thought I'd take this opportunity to walk you all through what we have in place right now.

This is our brand new Fan Creations portal. Here, you'll find any articles about Fan Creations, links to the Fan Creations competitions, and forum threads from the Fan Creations section of the forums.

Of note is that this is exclusively for Hearthstone related Fan Creations content, as it is a subsection of the Hearthstone Portal.

You'll also see this on both the main Hearthstone Portal and the Fan Creations Portal, below the most recent forum posts. 'Learn More' will take you to the current competition, while 'View All Competitions' is... pretty self-explanatory.

Speaking of the current competition...

This is the main page for a competition. As we move through the phases, each section will become available independently.

Along the top is a Nav bar:

  • Competition Home - This will return you to this first main page.
  • Discussion Thread - This will take you to the forums, where you can discuss entries with other competitors and ask for help on design.
  • Submit Entry - This will take you to the entry submission page.
  • Vote on Cards - This will take you to a page which will show you a random submitted card other than your own that you haven't seen before, allowing you to vote on it.
    • Voting involves rating a card from 1 to 5 stars. If you don't wish to vote on a card for whatever reason, you can refresh the page to skip it.
  • My Votes - This will show you every card you've voted on (or ones which you skipped). Here you can change any votes you made.

Submitting an entry is super easy, but it can be a bit confusing at first.

This is the current competition's submission page. As you can see, the rules of the competition are displayed up front to remind you of them as you submit.

You'll input the information for your card - if it doesn't have a Race, or if it has no Attack and Health as a spell, you can ignore those boxes, or similar - and to the right is a place to upload a card image. We recommend using Hearthcards to create your card, which you can then upload here.

Some competitions will allow you to submit more than one card. If it's a requirement, there will be more submission spots immediately available; if it's merely optional, then there will be a button to allow you to add an extra card to your entry.

A known issue right now is that tokens aren't supported. To work around this, future competitions that allow them will allow you to submit an extra card, which can be used to submit the token. An alternative approach would be to include the token in the description box available for extra commentary on your card below the submission section.

Once you've submitted, you can't change your card, so make sure to check it over thoroughly beforehand.

Our General Rules For Submitting

Each competition will provide specifics regarding how that unique prompt will unfold, but there are also more generalized rules that should be followed every time. They are as follows:

  1. You may only submit one collectible card per competition unless the rules for that unique prompt state otherwise. You may include tokens as other "cards" if necessary.
  2. You may provide additional commentary about your card in the description box. This can be for notes on design, balance, or other gameplay qualities. Flavor text is also welcome. You may not post personal information, advertise your card, or post additional cards within the description box to exceed the prompt's card limit.
  3. The card must be of your own design. If you are caught plagiarizing from someone else you will be banned outright.
  4. Humorous entries are tolerated, but outright "troll" entries will be disqualified. We reserve the right to determine what classifies a "troll entry", regardless of the rules of that particular competition.
  5. You may not submit any Golden, Diamond, or Signature cards.
  6. After a particular card has been deemed a winner, it cannot be submitted again for future competitions - we want fresh ideas!

Hopefully you enjoy these competitions returning! As I mentioned at the start, we're always looking for feedback on the system, so feel free to ask on Discord or PM me directly if you have any questions. Happy creating!