What are your favourite Whizbang's Workshop decks so far?

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Hey all! Just curious what decks everyone has been playing so far in Whizbang's Workshop and how far you've gotten along the ladder grind with them. 

Paladin and Mage took a bit of a dive so my two favourite classes are out of the mix (if I look at a purely hardcore competitive standpoint).

I'm currently thinking about completely jumping on the Spell Hunter train to grind out the tavern pass. Games seem to be quick, the deck crushes Death Knights which I've had some problems with, and it is quite an affordable deck considering the potential it has.

Let's see your decks and hear about how your laddering is going so far!

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    I've been going back and forth between my two Day-1 creations: "Rainbuff" DK, and "Hero Power, Round 2" Druid.

    The Death Knight deck was intended to build upon the BBU Handbuff recipe, making it better by replacing some Core cards and other subpar choices. My version is a Rainbow deck, although Northern Navigation is the only Frost card. I stormed out of the gate with it on Day-1, and while the deck still performs admirably, it's a "known quantity": DK is all about being no-fun with the Plagues, or Handbuffing, so when they queue into you it's not hard to decipher what's about to happen.

    Meanwhile, the Hero Power Druid is entirely my own homebrew-design. It uses the Festival of Legends package (Free Spirit, Groovy Cat, etc.) and combines it with a few choice pieces that came out over the past year, like Sing-Along Buddy, Celestial Projectionist, Popular Pixie, and Joymancer Jepetto. You remove threats by driving your face into them, slamming the opponent directly when you can; eventually, they run out of steam (and/or leave an opening) and you give 'em the ol' KAPOW with a 28+ damage combo: Sing-Along Buddy -> Hero Power -> Popular Pixie -> Hero Power again.

    The deck is very fun, seems to perform well, and no one expects it. The other players all assume you're running Dragons or Spell Damage; when you play Free Spirit on turn 1, there's a notable pause of confusion and they hover over it like they've never read the card. The lethal combo catches a *lot* of people off guard. The main concern is that a knowledgeable opponent will catch on that you can only HP one enemy at a time, and they flood the board to overwhelm you. Not always a problem - that's what the rest of the deck is built to deal with - but it still happens.

    Finished the month at Platinum 6 without many stars to aid me in the back half (I don't think I lack stars because I'm bad; I just don't play enough). Not the best deckbuilder, so it could totally be refined more, but regardless it seems better than the Druid decks Blizzard "expects" people to be playing. Last I knew class winrates were in the dumpster, and yet I'm doin' just fine :)

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    I've had the last week off so time wasn't much of an issue. Adding to that, Whizbang's Workshop has completely surprised me - I haven't had that much fun playing Standard in years, if ever! The result was me reaching legend with Tempo Demon Hunter despite running out of bonus starts on plat 5 (only the third time I ever got there in Standard!). What a great way to make use of my newly acquired 1.000 wins portrait :-)

    Other than that meta deck, I've enjoyed a DK list that is almost identical to the one linkblade posted and some Wheel of Death games. Forge of Wills is an absurdly strong card and this deck is one of the biggest surprises for me. Seems like most everybody took the wheel for a meme card but it turned out being the center piece of a tier 2 (?) meta deck!

    In Wild I've tried out Draggro Priest. It feels super strong when it gets rolling, but after some testing I've decided the inconsistency isn't worth the potential extra turn. Maybe I'll look into a non-Shadow tempo version next. Then I've toyed around with some of the new cards that could fit in Pirate Rogue, not sure which build is the best yet though. I've only ruled out the new Garotte version so far, which is very popular among the pros (Corb got rank 1 with it today), but feels just as inconsistent as Draggro Priest to me. Maybe it's just a big brain deck? I don't know. The month was finished with some Wheel of Death (turn 3 Coin Bloodbloom Wheel lol) and Reno Hunter shenanigans (all golden since last week!), so I was super surprised once more when I learned that my rank 851 finish was enough to earn that elusive 11x bonus!

    Not sure where to go this month yet. I've found a Highlander Rogue that looks fun for Standard on twitter and my first few wins in Wild came in by playing a Crescendo Warlock. Might try to get the latter to legend, it's fun and takes people by surprise. I'd also really like to play linkblade's Hero Power Druid in Standard, but I don't have Fog anymore :/

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    Spell Token Hunter is the main thing I used last month to climb; I basically played that list up top except I swapped in two copies of Bunny Stomper for Observer of Myths because it was insanely good in the mirror (I think I went 4-0 against other Aggro Hunters, small sample size but every single win was because I could control my opponent's board with Rush Beasts).

    I don't have Pip, so I'm trying to brew up a Zarimi Priest deck that doesn't go quite so heavily into copying 1 drops. Right now I'm building around Party Animal buffs and I'm really liking it in combination with Rolling Stone as the Elemental. Probably not a good deck, but I'll still fool around with it. I might try running Glacial Shard for Demon Hunters.

    I'm also kinda messing with the Mech Rogue that tries to cheese games with Power/Virus Zilliax. The dream is using Drone Deconstructor and Sonya Waterdancer for a ton of Magnetic minions, and I'm trying to work with that synergy currently.

    All in all, a really fun set with lots of interesting things to try out.

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    Quote From anchorm4n

    I'd also really like to play linkblade's Hero Power Druid in Standard, but I don't have Fog anymore :/

    Zok Fogsnout is not the greatest card; it probably shouldn't be in there even with the Hero Power package being the goal of the deck. For every time he's created two 7/18s or whatever that truly save me, there are other instances where he just sits dead in hand because he costs too much or the Taunts get ran over because I gave up the board.

    I'm assuming you could replace Zok with a major Taunt minion of your choice or some other stabilization tool and still be fine. Siamat's back in Core, or you could go with Greybough, Night Elf Huntress, Eonar, the Life-Binder, Primordial Drake, etc. I would consider stripping out the Audio Amplifier as well, if you do that - it's only there to make Zok better. Hell, I might remove them both anyway: lack of consistency for an oft-underwhelming result equals "bye bye".

    If you want to get even sillier, there's always Cho'gall, Twilight Chieftain to consider hehe. I've looked through the list: it's not all that bad, with only the "+1 Health to a minion each turn" being a one-sided bonus not in your favor.

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