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Thanks for checking out my deck! I love doing something different and trying to get it to work. This is not bad and a ton of fun!

The win main condition is Ysera, Unleashed, and (if played right) the deck cycles very fast so you'll end up playing Ysera with few cards left in your deck which will summon you a whole lot of dragons quickly. Alternate win condition is Alexstrasza followed by some face-smashing. All the attack cards are great at keeping the board clear while also amassing armor. Classic Deathwing is great after you play Ysera, Unleashed, since you'll be getting board presence from the portals. Plus this might be the only deck ever where I have found a solid use for Savagery.

Key Cards:

Ysera, Unleashed: This is our main win condition. Ideally, we want to have less than 10 cards left when we play it for max chances at getting dragons fast. 

Pounce and Claw: We will be attacking a lot. Sometimes you need a little more damage, sometimes you need only a little damage but don't have the mana for hero power. We want to keep the board clear to survive and draw. Don't be afraid to take damage (Claw gives armor!). Remember you can combine them and combo with Savagery or Savage Striker to take out one big minion or a few smaller ones.

Secure the Deck: More Claws means more attacks and more armor! Also adds cards to hand for combo with Ferocious Howl. Easy to pull off in this deck. Be careful not to mill yourself. It's okay to throw one away (it's still 2 armor).

Spirit of the Raptor: This will always draw you at least two cards. Remember you can combo with Pounce or Claw to attack the same turn even if you wouldn't normally have enough mana for hero power. Remember we want to draw a lot, so use strategically. Also, amazing to combo with Gonk, the Raptor, but be careful again of mill.

Bite: This card is huge, especially if you can combo it with Savagery or Savage Striker. You can take down some big minions easy. Plus, 4 armor!

Emerald Explorer: Having a big mid-range taunt is very helpful. Can be used to shield a Spirit of the Raptor. Unless you are desperate, always select Ysera, Unleashed if offered for more end-game. Zzeraku the Warped is also strong, since we will be damaging ourselves every time we attack. With Gonk, the Raptor, it's amazing! Other powerful options include another Emerald Explorer for more taunt/value. If you need removal, Evasive Wyrm and Crowd Roaster are great options.

Gonk, the Raptor: Very powerful. Can clear the board with a couple Pounces or Claws. Wait to play it until you can both play and attack in the same turn, because the opponent will clear quickly. Don't forget to hit face after clearing the board!

Other Card Choices:

Breath of Dreams: While I'm not married to this card, I like the card draw and found the ramp to be useful. I generally have not had a problem having a dragon in hand, since all our dragons are not playable until late game.

[Hearthstone Card (Wrath/card]: Always useful extra removal and/or card draw.

Ferocious Howl: More card draw, plus armor is very helpful since we are attacking a lot. Best to play after triggering Secure the Deck

Hench-Clan Thug: This card just seemed perfect for this deck, but I'm not totally convinced. You can usually attack the turn it is played with a Pounce or Claw. It's almost always removed immediately, but that requires your opponent to spend resources. Open to other options.

Swipe: Ended up adding 2x to the deck because of the meta (if you can call it that). Needed against Shaman/Warlock Galakrond tokens and pirates because this deck does not have tools for a wide board. If the meta shifts, can probably drop one or both, but for now I find it necessary.

Alexstrasza: A big dragon to help trigger Breath of Dreams. Makes the end game way easier. If we get a big dragon or two from portals and a Pounce or Claw, it's basically game over.

Deathwing: Oh, Deathwing. I've considered cutting it so many times, but it keeps winning games. Play after Ysera, Unleashed. No more hand? No problem. You have a 12/12 and portals to fill your board every turn. Of course, if you have no other option, you can play it anytime for a few turns of survival.



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