Moonfang(s) and Zixor(s), oh my!

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I loved the idea of Moonfang as soon as I saw it. The idea is to tutor for him (Tracking + Scavenger's ingenuity) and create multiple copies with Wildtamer and Hunting Party to protect him as much as possible from hard removal and then buff him so that it becomes nigh impossible to get him killed from damage (Scavenger's ingenuity, Fresh Scent, Houndmaster, and Scrapshot). 

To make some use of the beast buffs, I added Zixor - the prime variant is great with Scavenger's ingenuity/Scrapshot or when doubled. Animal companions are decent by themselves and another beast without polluting the pool for ingenuity. 

I rounded it out with a dragon package and just some good hunter cards to give it some midrange capabilities even without the combo.

Not meant as a serious deck (2-2 so far at decent MMR), but great fun and in all 4 games the tutors have been consistent in getting the game plan going, either with Moonfang or Zixor.  The dragon package has not been impressive so I am considering replacing it with a secrets package.    

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