Better Mecha'Thun (NO BOOMSHIP)

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So ... it's basically the same deck, but you can run the combo in other ways and you do not need "no-good" cards like The Boomship, Malygos and Whirlwind.

Basically the combo consists of using all cards including Mecha'thun leaving only Da Undatakah, Inner Rage and Devastate and using those cards in this same order (remembering that you can not have discovered any card with deathrattle by Dr. Boom, Mad Genius HP).

If you have more than 5 armor or Dr. Boom, Mad Genius HP that gives you 7 armor, then the combo can run with only the Da Undatakah and Shield Slam.

The Combo can change depending on the cards you draw using Jepetto Joybuzz. For example, if you draw Mecha'thun then you can play several deathrattle minions and  Da Undatakah as tempo cards, in case you do not win with the control and tempo just use the 1 mana Mecha'thun with any other removal card you have.


Tech Options:

Execute: Good against fields with one or two large minions where Brawl would have no effect  (use against Giant Mage and Mechs)

Big Game Hunter: I prefer this option more than Execute, since it does not have to use any other card to remove the target minion. (use against Giant Mage and Mechs)

Spellbreaker: Incredible card to play against any mech deck

Archmage Vargoth: Very very very good against aggressive decks, but I do not see much use against control decks beside Bomb Warrior, and it is a little difficult to kill if it is one of your last cards. (use against aggro decks)

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  • Ontarak's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 9 months ago

    my only complaint is the 2 brawls in this deck. brawl can be a tricky card anyway and you might be tempted to play it willy nilly..

    I have found execute with Archmage to be extremely effective.

    execute something, wound something, play archmage.

    • TkGuardian's Avatar
      Salty Dog 480 153 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
      Posted 4 years, 9 months ago

      It's a good idea, I did not like to put Execute because normally I do not leave many minions in the field since most are battlecry, but Archmage Vargoth can be an interesting option, as long as it is not your last card, because it is a difficult to kill.


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