Samuro's Poison Sword Rogue

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When Plague Scientist was announced as part of the Core set, we didn't think it would see play, but if Blademaster Samuro's Sword is coated with poison from him, the opponent's entire board will die. So, Plague Scientist might make the cut after all!

But, why stop there? Let's bounce and buff Blademaster Samuro back and forth for clear after clear with Shadowstep, Tenwu of the Red Smoke, and Shadow Hunter Vol'jin for good measure! He'll keep the opponent's armies at bay while the stealth package alongside Field Contact and a few cheap combo and battlecry minions draw us our Self-Sharpening Sword to buff and follow Samuro's example by severing our opponent's face from the board.

This certainly won't be the most efficient form of Stealth/Weapon Rogue, but Blademaster Samuro will really get a chance to shine! We'll be experimenting with this on day one of the expansion, so come join the experiments at if you'd like to see the chaos unfold on day 1. If you're looking for other experimental decks with Bru'kan, Blademaster Samuro, or Mankrik to play on day 1, check out 10 others at or down below. Have fun experimenting!

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