Blademaster's Overlord Warrior

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Blademaster's Overlord uses a remarkable criss-cross of synergies to shoot for exceptional value from Blademaster Samuro.

First off, Athletic Studies could discover us extra copies of Blademaster Samuro. And, Stage Dive has potential to draw and buff Samuro for us. Also, we can buff Samuro with [Hearthstone Card (Conditioning) Not Found]. And then, we can summon an extra copy, or 2, or 3 with help from Overlord Saurfang. Youthful Brewmaster will be the one to help Overlord Saurfang summon multiple copies of him...

There's plenty of card draw to cycle through the deck with Outrider's Axe, Cutting Class, and Stonemaul Anchorman. And, Taelan Fordring can help ensure we've got Overlord Saurfang to get value a bit more consistently.

One card we're not 100% sold on yet is Barrens Blacksmith. If Barrens Blacksmith coming back from Overlord Saurfang can buff Samuro before or as his Frenzy is being triggered to deal 2 additional damage to the opponent's board, it'll be worth keeping her. If not, it may be better to swap her out for something more immediately impactful such as Razormane Raider. We'll still have Stonemaul Anchorman as an additional frenzy minion in either case.

A card we really did want to include alongside Barrens Blacksmith was Warsong Commander, but quite a few minions already have Rush. Still, she'd be interesting to add if one of the other cards are underperforming. Have fun lording your Frenzy army over your opponent!

We'll be experimenting with this on day one of the expansion, so come join the experiments at if you'd like to see the chaos unfold on day 1. If you're looking for other experimental decks with Bru'kan, Blademaster Samuro, or Mankrik to play on day 1, check out 10 others at or down below. Have fun experimenting!

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