Legend - Smol Beasts

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Got to Legend with this deck in January 2022.

Swizard has done a great job of writing a guide for the midrange version of this deck. Most of it can be applied to this more aggressive approach as well.

General game plan:

1) Play smol beasts

2a) If they survive, buff them

2b) If they die, play Oracle of Elune into Frostsaber Matriarch and/or Knight of the Wild

3) profit

Pirate QL Warrior is your best matchup. General mulligan advice: Druid of the Reef, Vibrant Squirrel, Thorngrowth Sentries and some draw (Mark of Y'Shaarj or Composting).

Shoutout to JambaJooze who helped me refine this list on Disord!

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