Discard curse warlock

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The idea behind the deck is that at the start of the run when the player’s health is low you can use the discard hero power to get down the silverware golem and the webbed egg as well as other discard cards to quickly end the game.

example is a tiny knight on 2 and just using tome tempering on 3 to give tiny knight and kilmox a huge buff and activating silverware golem and webbed spiders if any. Follow with a wicked whisper could make it hard for your opponent to deal with it

in the middle of the run, the plan is to deal as much damage with your minions. If your opponent tries to defend by placing a wall of taunt you have your  curses to get some direct damage and forcing them to spend mana to discard your curse.

late into the run you will heavily rely heavily on ur curses to kill your opponent while just using jeklik to get lots of value.

Some passives you might want is bronze signet or idols of elune or elixir of vigor

I don’t have za’qul so I didn’t add it in as it is a legend 

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