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Deck Overview

Combo Priest with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire is one of Hearthstone’s evergreen decks. Blizzard has continued to support the deck over the years with key additions to keep the archetype alive. Today we will take a look at a Starter Combo Priest that you can build for under 1600 dust!

The goal of the deck is to cycle through our cards using Northshire Cleric and Acolyte of Pain while also developing threats on board. You can silence and replicate your minions using Unsleeping Soul and potentially one shot your opponents with the good old Divine Spirit and Inner Fire Combo.


Against aggressive decks you need Wild Pyromancer or Injured Tol'vir and a few spells the survive the early game. Beyond that, the game plan is to develop threats and finish off your opponent with a massive amount of damage from your combo. The most fun thing about the deck is the range of Wild Pyromancer combos you can pull off with Northshire Cleric or Acolyte of Pain to cycle your deck while also clearing threats from the board.

Against decks that run a lot of Magnetic minions, saving a copy of Silence can help you shut opponents down. Against control decks, you should focus on living through all of their removals and getting at least one minion to stick so you can kill your opponent in a single turn.

Improving the Deck - Card Swaps

Sunfury Protector: You can add the 2-drop if you face a lot of aggressive decks that cannot remove big threats efficiently. You can give one of your buffed up minions Taunt and it should allow you to live through their aggression quite easily. It is particularly effective against Zoo and Druid if you Taunt up a supersized minion. 

Divine Hymn: The spell can substitute for Injured Tol'vir to help you cycle through the deck faster against control decks by using Pyromancer and Cleric combos to draw your entire deck as fast as possible. 

Activate the Obelisk: You can make a few changes and build your deck around the new Priest Quest. Unlike many other quests, you don’t exactly lose your base hero power. You can heal yourself or your minions for 3 HP and also buff them by +3/+3 making every minion on board a threat against your opponent.

High Priest Amet: The card has incredible stats for a 4 drop and you can buff its health before playing other minions to give them an instant buff. Cast spells like Power Word: Shield or Divine Spirit on him and play your other minions to grant them heaps of health.

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