Legendary Reno Warrior in Saviours of Uldum

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Shield Slam: A usual 1 mana Warrior single target removal. Powerfull and strong.

Whirlwind: Good against Odd Paladin and synergy with Sleep with the Fishes and Plague of Wrath

Battle Rage: Card draw. No deck can play without card draw.

Dead Man's Hand: A well set up DMH will give you the edge over other Reno and Control decks.

Dirty Rat: Neutral combo disruptor. Synergy with Brann. Staple in any Control deck that wants to climb

Doomsayer: Neutral boardclear with sof taunt. Still a good card.

Execute: Another single targte removal an staple in Control Warrior decks

Sleep with the Fishes: A good AOE with Whirlwind effects. and we have couple of those

Warpath: One of the first flexible boardclears. Definitely must have

Weapons Project: Anti aggro tool. Aaaand the weapon tech.

Zephrys the Great: One of the reasons why to play this deck. Turns out the perfect card is pretty good :D

Bash: Replacable by Secret tech or weapon tech. A good card on its own as 3 dmg removal with "Lifesteal"

Brann Bronzebeard: Double battlecry is good. synergy with Piper,Rat and Coldlight ispretty good

Coldlight Oracle: Draw engine. And also hand manipulation engine for the ones who know how to use him. Pretty good card

Ravaging Ghoul: Aka the Dude killer and boardclear enabler. I think that speaks for itself

Shield Block: Staple in any Control Warrior.

Piloted Shredder: Fuel for Nzoth, Zilliax and Boom synergy

Restless Mummy: A minion removal which is underrated

Witchwood Piper: Tutoring your 2 drops is pretty important in most of the matchups. This card is good

Brawl: One of the best boardclears in Classic set. Definitely a must have

Plague of Wrath: With amount of Whirlwind effects in the deck, This is basically second copy of Brawl

Sludge Belcher. Completely replacable by Applebaum. I just like his double taunt effect.

Zilliax. Heal. Mech synergy. Unity. Precision. Perfection

Khartut Defender: Extremely good card for any deck that runs N'Zoth

Reno Jackson Healing to full health is crucial in most matchups. A reason to play highlander decks and the nightmare for Aggro decks.

Skulking Geist: Eating 1 mana spells is reallygood in this meta. And thats why Skulking Geist is good. If he destroys yours as well dont worry, that means youre more closer to your key cards.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Amazing card. Amaing effect. Amazing N'Zoth fuel :)

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius: The Dr.Boom is so powerfull that he had tobe nerfed in order to not make this Reno Warrior broken. /s This Hero card is pretty good in Control games and I will probably run Thaurissan instead of Bash just so I can play him at 8 mana and cash on his Hero Power potentially. The card is good. Especially Armor option and Delivery Drone which make a pretty big impact against other Reno decks.

Sneed's Old Shredder: Nzoth synergy, Boom Synergy,Zilliax Synergy. Completely replacbale by something like Mechanical Whelp.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor: A finishng force and with pretty vertisalle Deathrattles in the pool. Still a good neutral legendarky in any Control deck.

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    Posted 4 years, 6 months ago

    Gz for reaching legend with it.

    • FirePaladinHS's Avatar
      Anduin 235 41 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
      Posted 4 years, 6 months ago

      Thank you ^^. I was curious about this Reno deck since my Reno Uldum decks guide where I marked Reno Warrior as unknown potential. Turns out the deck has some punch in it 


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