New Targon Spell - Ground Slam

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    A new Rare Targon Spell, Ground Slam, has been revealed!

    Ground Slam Card Image

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    This card's effect is pretty good. It's similar to Aftershock in that it deals 3 damage for 4 mana with additional utility, except this can't target the enemy Nexus and is Fast instead of Slow. It's not the most mana-efficient effect, but it's pretty versatile, which is a very valuable trait to have, especially in a region with almost no other damage-based removal spells.

    The big problem is the landmark requirement. Most Targon meta decks have exactly zero landmarks: Zoe + Lee, Zoe + ASol and Nightfall decks would just be getting a 4-mana stun spell, which is pretty bad. Soraka + TK has 3 landmark cards, which is insufficient to give this card any kind of consistency. Right now this only seems viable in potential Malphite decks. 3/5

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