The Balance Is Quite Strong Right Now

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    So let's get this out of the way, yes this can be seen as a 3 deck meta:

    Aggro: Annie jhin

    Midrange: elites

    Control: heimer jayce

    all 3 decks are tier 1 in there respective categories.

    But as soon as you start to move away from the obvious choices the rest of the deck selection is incredible even.

    To the point that you can basically play whatever you want. 

    Me personally I run brews from all across the deck spectrum and go on incredible winstreaks.

    Just today I burned out 10 players with shromes, the meta can be adapted to and re-adapted once players make adjustments.

    Are they value hungry kill them outside of board presence by loading their deck with lethal.

    Is there deck nothing but burst spells?

    Just ramp over there head there's nothing they can do about it.

    Are they too spell heavy, well ephemerals and hallowed always exist.

    My point is that as soon as you move away from the I kill you with Annie, create a big board with elites, or destroy all your stuff with jayce, outside of that the game is beautiful right now.

    Me personally when the new set arrives I'm still going to play classic Runeterra I don't think rotation is something I'm going to enjoy when the game has only gotten better with time.

    Yeah 3 deck meta yatta yatta thats not enough to prevent me from enjoying the game, like if I didn't have 20 life and Jhin Annie wasn't easy mode then I would be unstoppable so gotta give players something to hold on to.

    Although I do imagine playing the same deck over and over again would probably get boring for most players not to mention the fact that they googled it so they don't even have anything to be proud of?

    Hahhahaha caught ya you're even playing my decks you'll never live it down!!!

    You guys keep using my decks that's soooo cool like I've become the defacto runeterra meme king. Thanks for the crown.

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