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    So, I'm Synesthesy, I am a game designer and I have worked on my own TCG for some times now. While the history of my developing is kind of strange, as it usually is when you work with other people, now I have a lot of work done, even if I don't have anything playable right now.

    My question is: how many of you would be interested in seeing the developing of a indie game, from the very beginning (getting ideas, market research) to the final outcome? What aspects of this work could be interesting for you to see done or commented on youtube? Do you think this kind of serie can be successfull? Would you watch it?

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    Hi Synesthesy, if i was being completely honest, the game would have to catch my eye with either its art style/environment/characters or some kind of nice trailer. Pretty much as anything these days, you need to capture your audience for them to want to invest their time in your product and learn more. More so, if it is a project from an unknown creator. You can have the best game on the market, but if it is too tiresome to even learn about it, then many ppl will just dismiss it right away.

    For specifics, it would be nice to hear about where you got the inspiration, when did you get the idea and how long did it take you to actually start working on it and have something concrete that wouldnt be only in your head :)

    It would also be interesting to hear about your market research, coming up with an idea you think is cool can sound nice, but did you tailor that to cater to general card game community mindset with what is "expected" or did you go with something unconventional? How much of that effected the direction your game went?

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