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The shell of the old Midrange Hunter from around the Whispers era, now (ironically) made even more consistent by the inclusion of the Highlander cards. For the most part the game plan is the same as the older version, but now in the case of an even more aggressive matchup you have the chance to outlast them.

For those that haven’t played this type of deck before, one of the most important things to do is mulligan for a good curve. If you can manage that many games will be over before turn 10 rolls around. While this is an aggressive deck, be sure to trade in the majority of situations. Oftentimes if you start falling behind in board control it’ll be a long game of slowly trying to gain it back while not dying yourself.

Don’t be afraid to mill cards with Subject 9 or Octosari either. In most matchups there won’t be any singular card you need to win, and fatigue shouldn’t be a problem except for a few rare control games.

Against any decks more aggressive than you, you’ll generally want to try to get Reno from your mulligan, as he’s the most reliable healing you can get, short of getting lucky with Rexxar.

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