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I've always been a fan of the discard package with the nice additions lately of being able to control what you are discarding. I believe I found a nice middle ground between that and the burst dragon damage from Thalnos+ 2 Nether Breath + 2 Soulfires for a quick 20 or a discounted Malygos instead. 

If facing high aggro the multiple board clears with taunt / heals can be enough to have them burn through their resources. And Zzeraku can be a soft taunt to token decks since every hit to your face spawns a 6/6 dragon for backlash. 

Mageweavers & Witchdoctors are there for value generation and potentially additional Soulfires / Nether Breaths. 

This deck is more aimed towards for fun than trying to climb ladder but for those looking for a little flavor do give it a try because it has kept me quite entertained.

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