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Hey you!  Yeah, you!  You’ve been playing Hearthstone since vanilla.  You’ve seen trends come and go, and one of the persistent ones over the last few years has been permanent hero buffs in the form of 5 quests and hero cards since Un’goro.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could wield this power, but just, all at once?

No, you say?  The two warrior quests and the three warrior heroes are explicitly anti-synergistic since you can only have one hero power at a time, you say?  Well, I say... okay, fair.  But there’s a lot of shared triggers that we can use to our advantage.  Consider, for instance, Shield of Galakrond.  It’s a taunt that also gives you attack, and invokes Galakrond.  That’s 3/5 of our big synergies right there.  Cards like Security Rover provide the other two, although Boom is pretty self-sufficient compared to Galakrond, and I have no idea how to build for DK Garrosh.

All right, here’s the deal- you’ll start with both quests in hand.  I consider Hack the System to be a lot more aggressive than [Hearthstone Card (Fire Plume’s Heart) Not Found], so keep that in mind if none of your other starting cards fall in line.

One last note- this deck is probably more viable with [Hearthstone Card (Explore Un’goro) Not Found], which is a first.  Replace [Hearthstone Card (Dead Man’s Hand) Not Found] if you’re not trying to go infinite or want a Final Answer button on which hero power to take.

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