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This is my starting Aggro Demon Hunter deck.

Battlefiend is your main bread and butter turn 1 play, which you should keep in your opening hand. Curving this into Umberwing on turn 2 is pretty strong. Crimson Sigil Runner is also a strong turn 1 play if you happen to keep it in the left-most spot of your opening hand.

Knife Juggler combines well with Umberwing, Coordinated Strike, Command the Illidari, and Satyr Overseer. Wrathscale Naga is less flexible with this combo and will often die before your next turn, but has a much higher potential damage output which can clear the board quickly or deal lots of face damage.

Don't be afraid to be greedy with your Outcast effects. More often than not, waiting for their Outcasts to trigger is worth it and will net a huge advantage. This deck has a lot of draw and it's usually not difficult to refill your hand back up if it's dwindling. Cheap cards (which can be further discounted by Skull of Gul'dan) combo very nicely with Altruis the Outcast, which will sometimes give you some surprise lethals and give you an out to sticky situations.

Playing Imprisoned Antaen is a good turn 5 play if the board is empty or in your favor. While it may not impact the board right away, what it WILL do right away is force your opponent into an awkward situation where they will either need to tank the damage, or spew a lot of minions out to die. It may be slightly risky to play if your opponent is ahead though unless the board is small.

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