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Alright, folks. I just spent a few hours coaching my friend Norteklaser up to legend from Diamond 3 on the NA wild ladder. This list is one he cooked up in response to seeing my full-tilt aggression Darkglare Discolock in action as I broke into legend earlier this week, and it was a lot of fun to see a different thought process at work.

Putting our heads together, we had a ridiculous winstreak. Surprisingly, we lost only one game on our way to legend, so, yeah, the discard package is easily good enough to carry several satellite packages to legend. Season with your style and make them suffer.

I'm exhausted, so I'll make this quick. Compare and contrast with my Darkglare list.


The mulligan for this deck is not set in stone. Various packages simply scream keep, and it's actually best to chase a package as opposed to, say, a curve. The synergies are that damn strong.

The Soularium - Keep this. Always. If you have a Malchezaar's Imp, you're firing off Soularium the instant you can afford both in a single turn: turn 2, or turn 1 with the coin. Always play Soularium first. If Soularium pulls the OTHER imp, play it and keep the other one tucked away in your hand. Tiny Knight of Evil also combos in a similar fashion.

Hand of Gul'dan - Keep this. Always. So long as you are not risking a Soularium or Ebonlocke discard, throw every random discard you have at it to try to get rid of it and dig deeper into your deck.

Expired Merchant - Almost always keep this. If you have one of the cards that likes to be discarded, mulligan away to make it your most expensive card. It's hard to overstate just how good Silverware Golem is turn 1 on the coin with this. You have 9 stats on the board, and get two more of the bastards in your hand for later discard.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke - You have six 1-cost demons and six 2-cost demons. If you get the big man, dig for an early flood turn. Proper Ebonlocke is how you beat a Demon Hunter.

Soulfire - Destroy target Battlefiend. Always keep against demon hunters, hunters, mechadins, and anyone else who gets on the board faster than you. If you can keep them down early, your turn 4-6 board swings will destroy them later.

Reckless Diretroll - Were this my deck, I wouldn't have this guy in there at all. But then I saw the wisdom of it. With Ebonlocke and cheap cards you feel fine vomiting, this crazy thing was only dead weight once on our climb, and grabbed Silverware Golems more times than I thought realistic. He's absolutely not a 2-of, but that one copy was game winning at least once.

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