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**This combo isn't necessarily a new idea, but perhaps a slightly new way of pulling it off.  Also, don't craft this deck for climbing ladder.**

Are you looking for a new sport to play?  A team sport perhaps?!  One that involves chucking dangerous axes at your opponents?!?!?!  Well you've found the right place!  Welcome to the World Axe Throwing League!!!  Which is apparently a very real league, but just not in Hearthstone.  This one is a bit different.

In this deck, the idea is simple yet very complicated to pull off!  You get a board of 4 Axe Flingers and then use self damaging cards to hit your opponent for 30+ damage in a single OTK turn.  I made this deck after a day of trying to make Gunspire work... and I couldn't.  That card is trash.  The reliable face hits from the Flingers though, that makes it a little more interesting.

Here is the actual Combo:

1) The cards involved are Brann Bronzebeard, 2x Flingers, 1x Risky Skipper, 1x Bloodsworn Mercenary, 1x Ravaging Ghoul, and either a Warpath or a Bladestorm.  You will also need an Overlord's Whip equipped prior to the combo turn.

2) As you may have noticed these cards add up to WAY more than 10 mana.  Ultimately it is 7 cards and around 20-21 mana (I believe).  So you can use Emperor Thaurissan to get the discounts.  But to guarantee 2 discounts on multiple cards you need a little help.  There are multiple ways to do this.  You can use Zola the Gorgon to get a second copy in hand.  You can use Drakkari Enchanter on turn 9 to get the discount twice.  Or if you have the second Bloodsworn and a Whip online you just play Emperor and then copy him with the extra Bloodsworn.

3) You need a clear board, so pray your opponent makes trades or you can trade some things off prior to your combo turn.  But once every thing is clear and discounted play them in this order:  First, make sure your Whip is online.  Then play Flinger, Flinger, Brann, Skipper, Bloodsworn (on a Flinger).  At this point your board fills up, but thanks to the Bloodsworn nerf the Whip + Skipper clear it out.  You then play Ghoul for double the Battlecry.  Because of the Ghoul's battlecry the Skipper will die before it triggers the last charge of it's effect, so that is what the Warpath or Bladestorm would be for.  Also, if you are playing a Mage with Ice Block up you can play the Eater of Secrets (if reduced enough to include in the turn) and THEN the Ghoul.  That way the Skipper's final charge goes off, clears a itself out of the way but Brann lives for the double AoE ping from Ghoul to finish the combo.


So yeah, that is the main combo, but there are a few alternate ways to pull off the combo, or to pull off a partial combo if you don't need all 30+ damage in a single turn.  You can use the doubles of things like Skipper and Warpath to use for clearing the board so you survive long enough for the Flinger turn.  You can also use these tools in combo with things like Battle Rage and Acolyte of Pain to draw, or Armorsmith to gain armor and live.  I mean, a large part of the shell around the combo is similar to Enrage Warrior in Standard you just lose a few of the powerful tools to add the meme combo.

So far I've only played 7 games with the deck and I'm 3-4 in the upper Silver ranks, slowly climbing with ridiculous memes (up to Diamond 4 last season).  One loss I drew a little too well and after my opponent pinged my Acolyte to fill my hand I burned the second Axe Flinger, which of course was 1/13 and the only piece of the combo I still didn't have in hand (*sigh).  Still took them from 30 -> 2 in a single turn while missing that second Flinger.  Another loss was to an Aviana Maly Druid and if they hadn't top decked their final combo piece I would have had full combo my next turn to win.

Surprisingly, one of my wins: Pirate Warrior!  So it can win through things like Skipper and Warpath to control aggro early, free to draw and set up your combo after they run out of resources in hand.  Faster decks are of course harder to beat overall though.



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