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The inspiration for this deck comes from the premise that Guardian Animals is actually a huge value/tempo bomb all in one card. The pre-review streams showed a handful of druid decks that used it to quite strong effect, but the question remains if hunter can make good use. 

The first thing to decide when constructing this deck is what beasts to use. This is the area of the deck that will likely need the most playtesting. Let's go from most certain to least. Lake Thresher is actually my top pick here. Now I had the same reaction as many when I first saw the card. 5 mana do nothing, right? Guardian Animals giving it rush is certainly good, but how often will that actually happen? What happens if I "draw patches"? That's where Trueaim Crescent comes in. This weapon has 4 durability which means as long as weapon tech isn't in every deck, it's likely to stick for a while. Using it strategically with a card like Lake Thresher will actually give skilled players much control over the board state and can give a "naked" Thresher on 5 ipso facto rush. So now we have 2 cards (2x of each) that make Thresher a huge tempo card. Next is Teacher's Pet. This card is a bit meh, but the taunt is a good speed-bump and the stickiness of the deathrattle will help us maintain some board. Next is one Escaped Manasaber. Just that extra mana is going to be handy at times considering the volume of 1 drops in this deck. Especially if you need a quick spellburst. Last is Krolusk Barkstripper. This card has the most potential to be cut after playtesting, but the effect just may be the nuts especially in conjunction with quick pings from Rapid Fire.

While we're talking Rapid Fire, why not throw in Professor Slate? This card has potential to be cut, but if we already run these cheap spells for spellburst, why not try him? His cost makes him quite efficient for a quick board swing from behind.

Now for the early game. An opening that I think many have missed is Intrepid Initiate on one into Adorable Infestation on 2 (plus the token or another 1 drop of your choice). Hitting with the initiate for 4 on turn 2 is going to be the nuts. Besides that we have some tried and true hunter cards like Imprisoned Felmaw and a few new faces such as Ace Hunter Kreen to keep the tempo rolling. And of course as hunter lacks good draw at times and since we run a lot of cheap cards, Voracious Reader will be our attempt at reload.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!

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