Lilian's Stealth Army

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So, what's more fun than a bunch of permanently stealthed Akama Primes filling your board? How about a bunch of Infiltrator Lilians that will send Forsaken Lilians skittering across the board if the opponent uses an AoE clear?

This deck is designed to capitalize on the strengths of Stealth Rogue to buy time for us to drop Infiltrator Lilian onto the board and copy her with Shadow of Death, Togwaggle's Scheme, or Potion of Illusion. With a few copies shuffled into our deck, Stowaways will help us flood the board and overwhelm our opponent!

If your opponent clears Lilian before you can copy her, you could always use the copy cards on Akama as a backup plan... This is a fun deck that performed decently well (50% winrate on the ladder). If you'd like to see how it plays, check out the gameplay videos at and Happy experimenting, and have an awesome day!

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