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Hello fellow Odd deck players! My name is Pokeniner and today I'll be showing off my deck I used to rank up to Legend with. As per usual, the game plan of the Odd Mage is to keep heavy pressure by pinging the opponent's face and removing any threats in the early game to have a decent board to attack with. From what I've found on my HSReplay, here's how my matchups went.
(I'm taking the info I had from my 1.7v deck, although I made a 1.8v, I decided to revert back to 1.7 during my final climb)

Demon Hunter - This is a highly favorable matchup due to the abundence of 1-or-2 Health minions the class has. It mat feel like they are out pressuring you, but do not fret, your pings are your greatest strength. It also helps that they don't like trading into your Spell Damage minions like Black Cat or early Lab Partner which can get you some great Unexpected Results. Key cards to keep are Shooting Star, Firebrand (especially w/ The Coin), and Lab Partner.

Druid - Aggro Druid is another highly favorable matchup due to the sheer damage of your Hero Power and Shooting Star. Firebrand is extremely clutch as well but it only does so much when your opponent hits 3+ Health on all their minions. Lab Partner + Shooting Star is your best tool against this deck. OTK Druid is a different story, it's was usually a close game whenever it happened, the deck plan is simple, go face. If they play Spreading Plague, use the Devolving Missiles and Shooting Star with your Spell Damage to get rid of them. You either kill them before the combo or they just get enough armor to put them out of reach.

Hunter - This was a very weird mix because I faced very few hunters. The only deck that I struggled with was Highlander Hunter which can just beat you to the punch of lethal with Dinotamer Brann. You have to conserve your Health well in thi matchup, meaning you ping what's weak and save your transforms for the big bois like King Krush.

Mage (Really just Secret) - This matchup is usually not favorable unless you know how to play this deck. It may seem like a good idea to just ping everything that Secret Mages plays, but it's not thanks to things like Duplicate. Instead you'll wanna ping non-powerful Duplicate Targets and transform their powerful Secret Peices like Kabal Crystal Runner or Cloud Prince. Shooting Star isn't that impactful in this matchup, so you can use those to trigger the Counterspell. After they lose their massive power hitters, unleash your fury on the face so they die fast with Aluneth.

Paladin (Odd Pally matchup) - Odd Paladin is one of the few decks that made me sweat so much. The constant pressure of Divine Shield minions were really terrifying unless I could Firebrand them. You're #1 objective is to not let your opponent get a board, one massive buff from Quartermaster or push to face can spell your end.

Priest (Reno obviously) - This was one of my most dreaded matchups cause you basically lose if you get Renoed in the late game. If they Reno Jackson on 6, you're playing well enough that they have to heal fast and you're on the right track. That means they can't stop you until next turn with Scream or just do nothing at all. Objectve: DON'T GO INTO THE LATE GAME, you will lose hard. Devolving Missiles and Polymorph: Boar both seem very useful here due to one card: Raise Dead. Turning their late game value Highlander cards into trash is very satisfying. BIG NOTE: Keep Unexpected Results with any Spell Damage you have if your get them, the surprise value of the drops can sometimes be the game deciding damage against a Priest.

Rogue (Kingsbane and Odd) - This matchup was usually a toss-up, it depended heavily on the Rogue's draw and Unexpected Results getting a Taunt usually end their whole game plan. So keep an eye out for a good turn to summon some high-cost minions.

Shaman - The only time I lost against this class was against Big Shaman, and even then it was some BS luck. Play mainly against the Even or Totem builds: Shooting Star, Lab Partner, and Firebrand.

Warlock (Mainly Discard, but a bit of Cube) - Discolock can be taken down if they don't get the great damage draw. Devolving Missiles and Boar both hard counter things Doomguard and Expired Merchant holding said Doomguards. Cubelock is a simple game plan, Hit face and transform anything they play in front of you, you'll occasionally be killing them around turn 7 if they can't put a board to stop you or clear your minions. Arcane Amplifier is good for this matchup because it eats up a lot of Dark Skies pings on board and can just give your so much damage

Warrior - This is your worst matchup. I only beat an Odd Warrior once and that's only due to him burning his Silas Darkmoon + Soulbound Ashtongue + Shield Slam Wincon. Odd Warrior is you're bane and sometimes you'll just wanna insta-concede just to move to another game. Pirate Warrior is also a pain due to the constant pressure you're facing. Bomb Warrior is your best matchup if they don't get the Risky Skipper + Armorsmith combo off.

I hope you guys enjoy my guide through the ladder and hope you all can hit legend as well with this deck.

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  • freethinker's Avatar
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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Just a suggestion, in my Odd Mage deck I put in Frost Lich Jaina specifically for those long control matchups.  It was basically to give myself an out for games I didn't win by turn 8-9.  Maybe adding it here helps boost the numbers.

    • Pokeniner's Avatar
      Fan Creator 205 67 Posts Joined 03/25/2020
      Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

      Hey @freethinker, for the Jaina suggestion, I made it on purpose to not include Jaina. Although her longevity works well against Control matchups, we are right now in a very Aggressive meta atm. Jaina doesn't really come into play that much when you're at turn 7 and at 2 Health. This deck is either very aggressive against Control, or very reactive against other Aggro decks. Hope you understand you shouldn't really run Jaina at the time of this post, or really in this kind of deck.

      • freethinker's Avatar
        115 7 Posts Joined 10/10/2020
        Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

        No problem.  :)  I don't take any offense at all.  

  • Alleria's Avatar
    Eevee 1190 848 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Cool guide, the deck looks interesting, will give it a try :)


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