Blastenheimer's Big Secrets

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Here's a deck that looks to take advantage of Hunter's Deathrattle recursion tools (Nine Lives, Jewel of N'Zoth) alongside the new N'Zoth, God of the Deep to absolutely bury our opponent in the late game with humongous board after humongous board of sticky Deathrattle minions. Of course, you may ask: "How does this deck get to the late game? Isn't Hunter a better aggressive deck? Wouldn't you most likely be dead before turn six?" These are valid questions.

Anyway, we've also got Maxima Blastenheimer here to cheat out a big boy from our deck and trigger Deathrattles. This deck's early game is dominated by the Secret package, guaranteed to annoy our opponent and possibly give us the board presence we need to cheese into the late game where we dominate. We have a select number of defensive units as well, along with the board-flipping potential of Trueaim Crescent, and Carrion Studies to give us the ability to play our Deathrattles even earlier.

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