Tempo Secret Elementals

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You might say that secrets and elementals don't really go together, that I should just focus on one or the other. But I say, where's the fun in that? Besides, there's this little card called Cloud Prince of Crime that just so happens to synergize with both. That's right, this entire deck is built around the synergy of a single 5-drop.

Looking past the unholy marriage of Secrets and Elementals, we can see that this deck has a lot of cool, proactive things to do on curve. For example, we can go T1 Violet Spellwing into T2 Confection Cyclone into T3 Mysterious Cha--I mean Inconspicuous Rider into T4 Occult Conjurer into T5 Cloud Prince into T6 mumblemumblemumble into T7 Animated Avalanche. It's foolproof!

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