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Theorycrafting ways to have fun with Bloodscalp Strategist in Wild = Weaponized Dragon Hunter!

Goal is to play weapons early, discover spells (and dragons!), control the board, push dmg with dragons + weapons, and then finish them with Ragnaros (because it's wild ;P ).

Idea behind the deck was to maximize the synergy between Ebon Dragonsmith on Turn 4 into Gladiator's Longbow on Turn 5 (and possibly Captain Greenskin on Turn 6). 

The Dire Moles are there for early minion support, a target for Glaivezooka, a target for any spells discovered that have a beast condition (Nightmare Amalgam is the other target), and a 3-health minion Cobalt Scalebane can buff Turn 6 if you have an empty board.  Saronite Taskmaster is here for similar reasons and its potential for Rezz disruption against Big Priest.


As for alterations, I'd like to get some more card draw in the deck via something like Tracking, as well as 1 more Cobalt Scalebane and perhaps another strong 4-drop like Houndmaster Shaw.

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    Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

    Lack of notifications made me miss your answer and this deck.. looks good but are you just using Rag as a finisher? Seems odd.

    I found the Scaleworm + Dire Frenzy combo to be quite fun in a dragon hunter deck and since you got  Zombeasts and Nightmare Amalgam as targets as well, it's a spell to consider.


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