Grand Archiv'Thun Warrior

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This deck uses Overlord's Whip as well as a few Whirlwind effects to trigger 'when damaged' effects take advantage of the spells Blood Warriors and Sudden GenesisGrand Archivist can cast these spells for us for free and if you play him while Overlord's Whip is active he'll even copy himself.

I wanted to make a C'Thun Warrior deck that could abuse Crazed Worshipper to buff the heck out of C'Thun, but since there aren't really any good health buffs or healing available to Warrior it would at best give C'Thun +6/+6.  The solution was to just make more Crazed Worshippers!  Creating a bunch of copies of Crazed Worshipper and Twilight Elder can make for a huge C'Thun!

I've also included Geosculptor Yip because Ancient Shieldbearer curves right into it, so provided you don't take a lot of face damage in between turn 7 and 8, you'll get a free 10-drop! plus using Sudden Genesis on a Yip board can get pretty crazy too!

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