C'Thun the Hero Mage

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We wanted to do something special for hitting 500 wins in Mage. So, we built this C'Thun, the Shattered tutor Mage with a Hero Power package! The only spells in this deck are the pieces of C'Thun and Wildfire, which can be pulled out of the deck a bit more consistently with help from Starscryer and Frostweave Dungeoneer.

The rest of the deck is designed to help cycle, control, or generate additional resources. Taelan Fordring can be used to pull Mordresh Fire Eye a little earlier, or you can wait till C'Thun is completed. Lorekeeper Polkelt can also be used to get Mordresh or C'Thun, or he can help you find the final pieces of C'Thun if you didn't draw the tutor cards.

If you start with a turn 1 Tour Guide into a turn 2 Manafeeder Panthara, you'll have board presence, card draw and progress towards Mordresh right away, which feels great. You may want to swap a Steward of Scrolls or Fallen Hero for a second Tour Guide to make that starter a bit more consistent.

While we didn't have a high winrate with the deck against all the aggro meta decks, it was a lot of fun, and it did get us to 500 wins. To see it in action, check out the highlight video at https://youtu.be/n1nVjj7jXz8 or below. Let us know if you have any ideas for improvements, as this is an idea we would like to see work (tutor C'Thun with Hero Power Mage), and have fun experimenting!

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