"I Hate Darkglare Warlock" Hunter 2.0

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I may have already done a deck to counter Darkglare Warlock as Hunter, but with the new cards coming up from United in Stormwind, the deck has now changed a lot to warrant creating a separate version with those new cards and leave the original deck as a showcase of what can be also done to counter Warlock.

The anti-spell combo remains the same. Toxmonger -> Tentacle of N'Zoth, but now you can use either Animated Broomstick or Devouring Swarm. Carrion Studies still allow you to perform it a turn earlier.

Both cards can be used for two more combos, both of which use our Beasts, and those can be tutored. Exploding Bloatbat -> Serpentbloom is your another AoE board wipe, while Imported Tarantula trades less AoE damage for a really useful Deathrattle to get from Nine Lives, and it lets you use both Studies if you desire - still a good target for Serpentbloom.

The rest of cards is used for mostly card draw, tutor effects, durability and value generation. At least this version allows us to use Zilliax for much needed healing. Also, Swarm gives us even more value generation, because we will mostly use it on minions we want to die instantly.

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