Non-Quest Spell Mage (Stormwind)

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Like before, No-Minion Spell Mage still can be deadly even without the addition of new QuestLine. With the addition of Ignite and Fire Sale, this deck won't have to worry about exhausting it's spells with a lot of draws.
Finishing Questline also can be a difficult task, as it's sometimes hard to find the necessary spell, and the +3 spell damage reward is really unnecessary because you have enough burn spells to punish your enemy.

Also, there's no need to use Profession Weapon, because Incanter's Flow will do just fine.

I replaced restrictive Combustion with the new Fire Sale because it's more flexible, deal 3 to all, and you usually don't have to worry about your minions, and also Tradeable. As always you need to mulligan Incanter's Flow, or at least Runed Orb as a way to tutor another spell, possibly another Incanter's. You can also mulligan for Font of Power or Primordial Studies if you play first.

If you were already familiar with the spell mage. There's really no difficulty in learning this one, because Stormwind adds another flexibility and a sure win condition to the deck. If you don't, well, it's easy enough to play, because you just need to focus on drawing spells first (especially if discounted), and make sure no threat big enough stays in the board.

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