Questline DH is Severely Underrated

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Originally, I showered the card with shit because it seemed insanely impractical. But then I actually put the thought into making the deck (very evident since this is the third time I posted a questline DH deck) and saw the potential that the questline provides. And when I got the questline from my f2p packs, I tried it. My expectations were pretty much met. It was a hyper quick deck that aims to draw as much as possible to complete the quest and then kill your opponent with Lion's Frenzy. Questline DH represents everything I love about hearthstone. Drawing, cost reduction, and deckbuilding challenge.

Unfortunately this deck gets steamrolled by aggro.

The deck is pretty much just filled with 1 or 2 mana draw a card since we want to be hyper quick with finishing the quest. The reason why we want them cheap is that the questline reduce the cost of cards drawn by 1. This means if you draw stuff like Double Jump and Safety Inspector you can immediately play it or save it for the next turn. You finish the quest on turn 4-6 and if you also have Lion's Frenzy in your hand, most likely you can kill the opponent the turn after you play Kurtus.

Irebound Brute Card ImageTuskpiercer Card ImagePersistent Peddler Card Image

Irebound Brute is an absolute beast. It's so easy to reduce the cost of this card down to 1 mana. You can even play it as early as turn 3 or 4. And the Tuskpiercer into Trading the Persistent Peddler allows you to complete the quest quickly. Only one Persistent Peddler because we only care about drawing cards.

Acrobatics Card ImageGlide Card Image

Acrobatics is fucking insane in this deck. Most of the cards cost 1 or 2 mana, not to mention that the cards drawn by acrobatics can have their cost reduced by the questline. You can even finish two steps of the questline in one turn thanks to this card. Glide acts more like an expensive Plot Twist than a distruption card in this deck which is a shame, but it's still really good in this deck since it immediately completes any step from the questline which means all cards drawn by Glide are reduce by 1.

Eye Beam Card Image

If I could get rid of this card I would. But unfortunately, it's necessary since if you want the slightest chance against an aggro deck, you really need to have sustain. Even an early Irebound Brute is not enough against aggro decks.

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    I feel like Questline DH in this expansion is like Quest rogue in Un'goro. Sometimes you can't judge a card individually. Instead, you have to build an entire deck around it first and then judge it.


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