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My attempt at Deck Doctor Challenge #2 - building a Prismatic Lens + cheap spells + big minions deck (inspired by Kass's Mountseller Paladin).  Please join us over in the Deck Doctor Challenge thread to discuss this deck/challenge and/or share your own creations!


My best performing Prismatic Lens deck was this Leeroy Jenkins OTK centered arounding discounting Leeroy via Lens and then discounting Faceless Manipulator via Lens and/or Jepetto Joybuzz.  You then buff Leeroy with Blessing of Might before copying with Faceless.  Alternatively, you can draw Alexstrasza from Lens or Jepetto to reduce the amount of Leeroy damage you need.

Early game involves searching hard for Crystology so you can play Secretkeeper + secrets early to control the board.  Crystology can also draw Novice Engineer which keeps your deck churning and you can use the 1-of Call to Adventure to fish for these cards as well so that your Prismatic Lens and Jepetto hit the big boys.

Although this deck is built around a Leeroy finisher, sometimes you'll have to shift to a TTK strategy instead of an OTK; for example, by saving a charge from Truesilver Champion or playing Time Out! + Truesilver Champion to set up for lethal the following turn.  The real fun part of this deck comes in thinking up creative lethals depending on what gets discounted each game.

I don't play a lot of Ranked, but took this bad boy to the Rank 10 floor this morning.  It's definitely not a super strong deck, but it's fun and catches people off guard :D

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