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Are you a fan of playing Warrior, but getting really tired of seeing nothing but Pirates in your games?  Are you facing nothing but annoying Questline Pirate Warriors?  Do you feel like The Lich King doesn't get played enough when you know if your heart that there must always be a Lich King?!  Do you like the feeling of a big deck in your hands???  Rattlegore!???!?!?!?!?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, the deck I have may be for you!  Slight Disclaimer: Overall winrate in the D10 to D5 climb is 9-6.  5 of the losses came while playing a less refined version early in the run.  At the same time, a lot of the wins came against QL Pirate Warriors (also, this run was combined with some Evolve Shaman play too).  Bottom line, it's not had a great sample test size so proceed at your own risk.


The Overview

So you might be wondering "Why did you build this?!"  Because I really just play for fun, not rank.  Once I hit D10 I just do whatever I want!  I wanted to hear Rattlegore screaming his name a bunch, and the deck actually brought me up to D5!  (Again, combined with an Evolve Shaman deck).


If you aren't aware of how the deck works, it's simple.  Survive and keep the board fairly clear until you can start dropping big minions on turn 6, either via the new Cowardly Grunt or good ol' Gather Your Party.  On turn 7 you have Commencement, and by turn 8 you have either Woecleaver or just your big minions to start dropping from hand.


Single copy of Forge of Souls as having two often felt clunky, and removing it allowed me to add an additional big boi!  Blood Razor. Rancor, Brawl, Minefield, and Barricade are all great for early survival and board clear.  Initially had Bladestorm as well to test it out, but eventually cut it as having 2x Rancor meant more consistency, more armor, and my main opponent was QL Warrior which often has a mix of 1 and 2 health minions on board.


A single copy of Dead Man's Hand is included to get value out of your recruit cards if you accidentally drew too many bois into your hand before reaching turn 6!  The big boi minions seem to offer a nice variety of taunt, value, and stickiness.  Rattlegore is of course very annoying for opponents, Scrapyard Colossus is a minion version of RG, Recruiting Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound gets you a second recruit at end of turn, and the Lich King offers nice value to potentially end out a game.  I got Army of the Dead off him one game and that one card recruited me three big threats, including a Troublemaker who has of course been on of, if not the best minion in the deck because the 3/3s often help clean up opposing minions.  And The Boomship has been a saving grace in multiple games!


Mulligan for lower cost cards, specifically board clears and cards that can help keep you in control until turn 6.  A few times against another Warrior and assuming they were QL, I got cards like Rancor and Minefield as my first two draws and Gather Your Party as the third.  I would full keep that thinking the first two cards will get me to 6 in good shape, and along with other good early draws they did.



Is this deck Legend capable?  I honestly don't know.  I've been mostly facing QL Pirate Warriors with it so... if that's the only opponent I see in top Diamond ranks then yes, it could get there.  More importantly, is the deck fun?!  Hell yes!!!


As always, good luck and have fun!

~ Thonson

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